The story behind Had a Glass

Had a Glass is the annual guide to value wines.

“Value” is at best squishy and hard to pin down. Like scoring wine on a 100-point scale, its tough for objective scaffolding to try and prop up a subjective framework. But whether you’re after price rollbacks at a Big Box store or one-of-a-kind designer pieces, true value occurs when returns exceed expectations.

Had a Glass celebrates those wines that give you the best bottle for the buck: the $10 wines that seem like $15, the $15 bottles that stand out, and the $20 wines that knock your socks off. Simply put, wine shoud be an everyday beverage, not a luxury—an enjoyable accessory to good living.

The first edition of Had a Glass was published in 2005 by Whitecap Books and quickly became a national best-seller, and for 2013 Had a Glass is released as both a trade paperback and e-book through appetite by Random House.

Select praise for Had a Glass

"Bright, brash, and breezy listing of a hundred faces… Like, you can use this book."
—Jurgen Gothe, wine columnist, the Georgia Straight

"Offbeat, but accurate… a powerful combination when it comes to helping you select a wine."
—Steve MacNaull, Okanagan Sunday

"You won't get the fidgets the next time someone hands you the wine list and says, 'Say, pick out a couple of good wines!'"
—Tony Aspler,